ANNOUNCEMENT: Building homes for vulnerable families

Project name: Hamro Ramro Ghar (50 homes)


What: 50 Earthquake resistant 2-room houses with bathrooms


Partners: Acts of Kindness Collective, Dan Fredinburg Foundation, All Hands Volunteers


Why: These families live hand-to-mouth and have not yet received any help after their homes were completely devastated by the earthquake in 2015.


We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with All Hands Volunteers building 50 homes for the most vulnerable families in the marginalized communities in Bansbari, Sindhapulchok District, Nepal. All Hands Volunteers, experienced in disaster area re-construction, OrphanGift, Dan Fredinburg foundation and Acts of Kindness Collective are providing the funds for all materials to help these families get back on their feet after the devastating earthquake in April 2015. This has been made possible by the very generous contributions to the #CelebratingDan campaign which followed the tragic passing of Dan Fredinburg, when he was on his way to climb Mount Everest. Our hope is that this will honour Dan as the passionate humanitarian he was, and provide much needed help for the very vulnerable families in the Bansbari area.

Rubble removal after the devastation in Bansbari

This project is part of two programs we’ve chosen to get involved with, both primarily aimed at helping prevent the institutionalization of children. In the aftermath of the Nepali earthquake there was an increase in families/mothers who were not able to take care of their own children, and were therefore forced to leave their children in the hands of orphanages/children homes. We hope that by helping the most vulnerable communities rebuild their homes we can give them a better chance of raising their children on their own. Children should never be institutionalized or separated from their parents if there are ways to avoid it.

This project is already in full speed and expected to be completed before the monsoon season in June 2016.


We’re proud of everyone involved in making this happen; donors, partners, volunteers on the ground, as well as the loving families that welcomed this project into their community with such enthusiasm.

If you want to support in our work, a donation on the homepage of would go a long way 🙂


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