Replacing school uniforms following the earthquake and flooding in Nepal

Our friends at All Hands Volunteers contacted us hoping that we could help with donations to buy school uniforms for a community in Bhaktapur, Nepal. They had been very unfortunate in the events following the first earthquake on April 25th 2015.

A second earthquake shortly destroyed many of the buildings that were still standing following the original earthquake. The families who lost their homes in this region moved to a so-called IDP camp (internally displaced people) on a football pitch. The entire camp was the unfortunately flooded by the nearby riverbed breaking (with water levels raising 1.5m from the ground). What was left of their personal items following the earthquake, were mostly washed away.

In Nepal it is mandatory by law to wear a uniform to school, and almost 150 children had now lost their uniforms. These are very poor families. They were allowed to let their children back to school for two weeks while they sourced new uniforms, something almost all families could not afford.

After we went to visit the camp it was clear that OrphanGift and the Dan Fredinburg Foundation should support this, and with the help from All Hands Volunteer, all of the children received new uniforms, as well as textbooks and backpacks.