Building a dormitory for a Children’s Home in Nepal

Life Vision Academy (LVA) in Nepal is an organization with a heart-warming story. The founder Haushala Simba saved a group of orphans from an abusive institution and decided to start her children’s home and school for marginalized children. We got in touch with them through a friend who knew Haushala well, and had spent time with at LVA. Their dormitory building had been destroyed by the earthquake and despite some funding help they still had kids sleeping out in the cold in tents. Together with the Dan Fredinburg Foundation we have sponsored a new dormitory building for these children.

Two weeks ago we went to meet the wonderful staff and kids at the Life Vision Academy and see the new house we have funded. Children and Youth First (the organisation supporting LVA) are working incredibly hard for orphans and marginalized children – they deserve all the help they can get.


This is a message from Amanda at Children and Youth First:

“This is our new boys dorm. Because you funded this house, you put a roof over the heads of all our boys. After the earthquake hit and crumbled our dormitory, all of our kids had to sleep outside on the concrete of our basketball court. Right in the middle of monsoon season, this was really not a safe or happy space for our kids. Finally we got makeshift tents together, and then our first prefab house, but that was only big enough to fit our junior students (ages 3-7) and the girls. The boys were still camping outside in tents for weeks, without a stable or secure home. Now, we have this house! Their bunk beds and belongings are all safely inside the new prefab house from the destroyed dorm. Thank you so much for helping us rebuild after such devastation, and giving a home back to our boys.”

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